Sometimes defeat makes you stronger
Sometimes defeat makes you stronger

Their defeat against the Lithuanians Rumsevicious/Kazdailis by 2-0 (21-17, 21-18) does not discourage them for the future. Being the underdogs in group 6, Pambos Zorpis and George  Chrysostomou had nothing to lose, and this was evident in court 3, in the opening day of the 2014 World Beachvolley Champs main draw. From the beginning, the two teams went neck and neck, with just one crucial point determining the outcome of the set at its midway stage. With the score at 15-14 for the Lithuanians, there was a controversial call from the referee that went against the home team. Instead of 15-15 the score was 16-14, something that had a psychological effect on the Cypriot players in the remainder of the second set was a repeat of the first especially in the latter stages. The Lithuanians led throughout, with Zorpis/Chrysostomou reducing the deficit by 2 points (15-17, 17-19 and 18-20) but it was not meant to be, despite the support from the home crowd.

“This result will not discourage the boys, but it will make them more determined to do better in the remaining 4 games. The referee’s call in the first set could have gone either way. Not even a television replay would have determined the outcome,” said Coach Constantinos Karpathakis, at the end of the match.

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