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    Welcome to “Kahuna Surfhouse” Kitesurfing Center School & Shop – Naish distributor.

    Kahuna Surfhouse was founded in 2008 and is situated in Kiti, Softades Beach Larnaca Cyprus. We chose this spot for our school as it has the best wind conditions all year round on the island. We set up the school with our concept always in mind: live life beyond the shore. Water, wind and waves are our passion and sun, sand and beach is our lifestyle. Our love for the sea is contagious and rubs off on everyone that has ever visited us and learnt to surf with us. Our school natural exudes friendliness and companionship and we are always hosting beach barbeques and parties for our friends. It is important to us that the school is multicultural and a good mix of locals and foreigners. This is great advantage for visitors as they really integrate with the unique Cypriot culture.

    Primarily, Kahuna Surfhouse is a kitesurf school and shop. Instructors are all IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) as Elias Mantovanis is a qualified IKO level 2 instructor with more than 4 years experience in teaching and promoting safety on the beach. Our programs are tailored to teach and advise the beginner all aspects of kitsurfing, that is the theory, the practice, safety and helping choose the right equipment. At the same time, our school is a favourite spot on the island for intermediate and advanced riders so rentals and free riding is very welcome. The flat sea and shallow water make it a great spot for practicing tricks!


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