PFS Convention 2016
PFS Convention 2016

Let me start with a Brainy quote of Walt Disney: If you can dream it, you can do it.
So after after almost 7 months planning and after 5 days away from home, preparing and delivering PFS Convention 2016, it is the time, that you are reminiscing (looking back) and wondering, how all begun.

Our vision was simple: To upgrade and develop the fitness industry of Cyprus.

4 years later the event attracted more than 300 Fitness Professionals and high status Presenters all over the world. So there is no doubt, that our Company Provision for Sports Ltd and our Eshop for Sportsshop is an industry changer. With love and respect for every individual, we promise we will keep chasing and fulfilling our vision.

But let’s put it in realistic terms with another Brainy quote of Walt Disney: You can design and create, and build the most wonderful place in the world. But it takes people to make the dream a reality.

Saying that, I wanted to thank first of all, my business partner Marios Loizou and my wifeVasiliki Smylanaki

All the Presenters of the event: Nick Tumminello – Fitness Page, Kyle Stull, Jeremy Boyd, Richard Scrivener, Alexis Batrakoulis, Spyros Methenitis, Anna Zorzou, Nicki Petroulaki A, Anna Maria Vitali, Kristi Louca, Stefanos Ioannou, Nadia Kyriakidou,Nicolas Lambrias, Demetris Fterakides, Ricardo Cuellar, Tanya Meimarides, Danny Bartlett, Stamatis Mourtakos (No Facebook)

All the staff worked for Professional Fitness Systems Convention
Charis Demetriou, Stavros Enorgani, Christos Nikou, Maria Charalambous (Sister)

Our Photographers Petros Pavlou, Petros Stylianakis & Michalis Egoumenides

And our Major Sponsor: Matrix Fitness Cyprus & Matrix Fitness Hellas
But especially all the attendees, the heart of PFS Convention!
We will be back next year, similar dates at the same place!
PFS Convention 2017

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