LIMASSOL Kungfu Poster 48x68cm
LIMASSOL Kungfu Poster 48x68cm

Το φαντασμαγορικό Show  KUNG FU DANCE GATE WAY ,  για πρώτη φόρα στην Κύπρο.

Τα σόου θα γίνουν στην Λάρνακα 10 Μάρτιου στο Θέατρο Σκάλα

Στην Λεμεσό στης 11 Μάρτιου στο Δημοτικό θέατρο Αγίου Αθανασίου

Πάφο στης 12 Μάρτιου Μαρκιδειον Θέατρο και Λευκωσία στης 13 Μάρτιου στο Δημοτικό Θέατρο Λατσιών Τιμή εισόδου 10 ευρώ. Ωρα εναρξης 19:00

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Contemporary Dragon Kungfu Company

A group of young Kungfu practitioners

Established on October 21st, 2006 by Internationally renowned super Kungfu star Jackie Chan, Contemporary Dragon Kungfu Company includes members from prestigious Kungfu groups in China, like Shaolin Kungfu Monk Corps and Chinese Shenwu Cultural Communication Company, all with solid Kungfu techniques and rich performing experience.


Philosophy of doors

A gateway leading to an unknown world

Open the door is a mysterious action: it is containing some flavor of the unknown, some into a new moment of perception, is a new form of human cumbersome ceremony. (Excerpt from “On Doors” by US writer Christopher Morley)



A story of life and growing-up

Where were we from? Where shall we go? 11 Kungfu performers will go through gates of “person”, “god”, “ghost”, which also represent the processes of growing up from boys to men. The stories also similate our life—-choose to “open a door” intuitively and then embark on a unique trip of growth.



Performance Information

Running time: 77 minutes

Presenters: 11 Kungfu performers




Black Gold

Composed by Armand Amar(b.1953, Israel)

Choreographers: Liu Lu

Music rhythm, let the traditional martial arts of fashion cool demeanor, restless crowds gathered at the entrance to the unknown world.




Composed by Hans Zimmer (b.1957, Germany)

Music remixed and re-edited by ZOU Hang

Choreographers: Liu Lu, Li Wen

Action design is derived from the “three-no” monkey – buddhist allusions evolved into modern narcissism, don’t see, don’t listen to, do not say, closed chaotic heart heard the “voice” of the clock.




Composed by U.Theatre(Taiwan)

DienJeang Lin

Composed by Ten-Hsieh(Taiwan)

Music remixed and re-edited by ZOU Hang

Choreographers: Tang Jianfeng, Li Wen

Adapted from traditional folk dance – chaozhou  Yingge , drum stick stir our communion with nature of body and mind, drum percussion tenacity of life.




Choreographers: Performers collective creation

The voice of the kungfu dance



[DANCE- Tai chi Bagua]


Composed by Neil Davidge (b.1962, U.K), Remixed by Maor Levi


Composed by Neil Davidge(b.1962, U.K),Remixed by Matt Lange

Music remixed and re-edited by ZOU Hang

Choreographers: Liu Lu, Hu Mingwu

Martial arts movements by the tai chi chuan, xingyi quan and bagua, pay tribute to the nature of the ancient wisdom. Tai chi, the source of all things, all life comes from an energy of fusion. In everyone’s small universe, if you have experienced that explosion, whether also has the blazing fire?




Never Go in Dad’s Office, Portrait of Mr. Boogie, Sinister

Composed by Christopher Young (b.1958, U.S.A)

Music remixed and re-edited by ZOU Hang

Choreographers: Liu Lu

Martial arts movements by the southern wing chun, the world often sigh, meditation is hard to find. Not by the desire of disturbing clean soul, has become a luxury.




Memoires De Futur

Composed by René Aubry (b.1965, French)

Love & Loss, Strength Of A Thousand Men

Composed by Thomas J. Bergersen (b.1980, Norway)

Music re-edited by ZOU Hang

Choreographers: Li Chao, Liu Wen, Hu Mingwu

Tsai work is one of the Chinese opera stunts, actor on the stage is exaggerated expression mood amplification, extend the gesture. Here, it is used to express the constraints of modern society, entanglement and release.



[DANCE-Kungfu Show in the end]

Chinese SongTall in the saddle,Remix by DJ:QiuQiu[b.1968, China]

Choreographers: Performers collective creation


Creative/Production team

Director: Liu Lu

Music Director: Zou Hang

Stage Set Designer: Guo Xin

Costume Designer: A Kuan

Choreographers: Liu Lu, Tang Jianfeng, Li Wen, Liu Wen, Li Chao, Hu Mingwu

Light Designer: Zhao Lijun

Sound Designer: Liu Zhihong

Multi-media Designer: Qian Cheng, Zhang Fan

Documentary Director: Han Meng, Pan Zhixin

Production Coordinators: Zhou Jianqing, Gao Yuning

Assistant Directors: Hu Mingwu, Wu Xia, Hu Mingna

Stage Manager: Wang Xiaozheng

Stage Set Manufacturer: Beijing Xin Yuan Zhi He Stage Design Co., Ltd.

Light and Sound production: Tian Yun Dong Fang Performance Co., Ltd.

Video Technique: Kings Mark International Conference and Exhibition Co., Ltd.

Photography: Jia Shang Photo Studio

Graphic Designer: Chang Qing

Literature Designer: Du Fan

Art consultant: Jia Ding、Liu Shun、Gao Yan

Producer: Liu Lu, Hu Wei

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