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Thank you all for coming down to the King of kite at Kahuna Surfhouse yesterday! Stay tuned for the Free Air competition! Here are the winners!!:

Slalom Womens
1st Place Angela Christina Christophi 8:53 (Canada)
2nd Place Katarzyna Gil 9:03 (Poland)
3rd Place Katerina Lancova 11:55 (Czech)
4th Sibylle Hollands 12:01

Slalom Mens 80kg plus:
1st Filios ClueJob Sazeides 6:13 (Cyprus)
2nd Kyriakos Kyriakides 6:40 (Cyprus)
3rd Andy Colville 6:57 (UK)
4th Antonis Merkouris 7:03
5th Thanasis Stivaros 7:42
6th Kyriakos Lagos 7:43
7th James Hollands (8:10)
8th Dick Hooper (8:10)
9th Alexis Hadjisoteriou (8:20)
10th Antonis Spyrou (8:52)

Slalom Mens 79kgs and under:
1st Sergey Pop 5:52 (Russia)
2nd Nikos Pissourios 6:07 (Cyprus)
3rd Yuda Ettedgui 6:34 (Israel)
4th Togan Mestan(6:41)
5th Joel Meletiou (7:06)
6th Christos Eleftheriou (7:11)
7th Thiseas Mouzouropoulos(7:22)
8th Ran Rave (7:38)
9th Diego Alvarez (8:18)
10th Mario Vassiliades (8:23)

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