Cyprus Traditional Muaythai Federation

    Akarnanias 4, Columbia Area, Limassol, Cyprus
    99 696035
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    The Cyprus Traditional Muaythai Federation is the national representative of the World Muaythai Federation in Cyprus. Our mission is to promote the art of Muayboran, amateur,pro am and Professional competition of Muaythai within  Cyprus. We also organize and facilitate the training and certification of judges, referees, trainers and teachers (Kru) to meet the standards set by the World Muaythai Federation and the Kru Muaythai Association of Thailand. The Cyprus Traditional Muaythai Federation serves as the registrar of all its athletes in Cyprus, and assists in defraying the costs of attending international competitions and also International seminars. The Cyprus Traditional Muaythai Federation Organization Overview: Non-profit organization to support, facilitate and educate students, fighters, trainers, and teachers (Kru) about Muayboran,amateur,pro am,and professional  Muaythai. Affiliated and recognized by: Cyprus Sports Organisation World Muay Thai Federation Kru Muaythai Association World Muay Boran Federation  European Muay Confederation  Association Institute of Thai Martial Arts of Thailand Conservatory of Muay Thai, A department of the Thailand Ministry of Sports


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