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:Thursday- 23 June

  • Arrival and registration
  • Model event


Friday- 24 June

  • Morning:Model event
  • Afternoon: Sprint distance
  • Opening ceremony
  • Awards ceremony


Saturday- 25 June

  • Long distance- WRE
  • Awards ceremony
  • COMOF meeting



  • Middle distance- WRE
  • Awards ceremony
  • Closing ceremony
  • Departure


2.MCO Rules and Classes



Competition will be held according to the IOF Rules as well as the MCO Rules from July 2012.


The Mediterranean  Championships  in Orienteering  2016 will consist of Sprint, Long and Middle

Distance races in a three-day program.


Each country at MCO will be represented by a team of four women and four men. In SENIOR class- 2 women (W21E) and 2 men (M21E).

In JUNIOR class- 2 women (W20) and 2 men (M20).

Entry Fees

The start fees for the official COMOF National Teams participating in MCO will be covered by the organizers (according to the Rules).


The championships  will take place in the tourist resort on the Divcibare Mountain.

Location of Divcibare

129 km from Airport 11Nikola Tesla”,Belgrade


38 km from center of Valjevo

Event center

The Venues for all races, as well as the model race, will be within a 10-minute walking distance from the event center, on Divcibare Mountain.


The event center will be in the Hotel DivCibare, in the center of tourist  resort DivCibare. Note that hotel is named Divcibare,as well as the mountain.

Event center coordinates:

Geo (dec):




Event director: Đorđe Zagorac


Contact person: Stevan Roksandić


Supporting clubs: PTT, Magic Map

IOF advisor: Tomislav Varnica (Croatia)


National advisor: Vujadin Žagar (Serbia)

Maps and Terrain

All terrains are in the vicinity of Event center.




Scale: 1 : 5 000,Contour interval: 2.5 m


Mapping: Dragan Nikolic


Open land  with  runnable  pine  forest. Scattered buildings, typically  for mountain tourist  center. Slightly hilly with no significant climbing.




Scale: 1 : 15 000,Contour interval:5 m


Mapping:Georgi Kartalov


Runnable pine forest with some areas of bushes and open lands.Moderately hilly.




Scale:1 : 10 000,Contour interval: 5 m


Mapping:Georgi Kartalov


Runnable pine forest with some areas of bushes and open lands.Moderately hilly.


Old map sample:


  1. Accommodation

Hotel Divcibare (Event center)

Single room full board: 32 €;Double room full board: 27

Free swimming pool and sauna.

Hotel Divcibare link: http://www.narcisdivcibare.com/index.php/hotel-divcibare

Hotel Maljen

Single room full board: 24 €;Double room full board: 19

Free swimming pool Hotel Divcibare.

Hotel Maljen link:http://www.narcisdivcibare.com/index.php/maljen

Private apartments:12-14 € (one night per person)

Private rooms:8-12 € (one night per person)

Hotel Pepa link:http://pepa-divcibare.eo.rs/


Other accommodations link:http://www.divcibaresmestaj.net/

  1. Transportation

The closest airport to the event center is “Nikola Tesla” airport near Belgrade.The distance between the airport and the event center is 129 km (about 2:00 hours by car).


Direct transportation options between the airport and the event center are rental car,regular taxi,or taxi van,depending on the number of passengers.


Also,there are regular bus and train lines,but bus departures from Belgrade are quite rare and railway doesn’t go to the event center and trains are not convenient  in Serbia, so we strongly recommend you to avoid public buses and train transport.


However, the organizers will organize a bus transport from Belgrade to Divcibare specially for the competition.More information about this will be available in late bulletins.


  1. Health Services

The organizer  will  provide  first-aid  service at  the  event  center  and  at  each competition  site. Emergency care and major hospitals are within a 30-minute drive from each of the competition sites.


The organizer will not bear responsibility  related to medical costs for participants. Each federation and all competitors are responsible for the insurance of the participant.


  1. Safety and Security

Serbia is modern and peaceful country with no war or terroristic incidents. Also,in the nearby of the event center there are no dangerous wild animals that can harm runners.

Police and military forces will not disturb you,but they will be there for you in case of emergency. Health services in Serbia are on the highest  level. Medical help and pharmaceutical products  are

available in every town and in almost every village.


Tap water is fine for drinking,and no special vaccinations are required prior to entering the country.

  1. Training Opportunities

Within 30 km of the Event center there are more than 10 terrains suitable for the training. Please contact the organizer if you want to have a training before the competition.


  1. Touring Opportunities

Details will be announced in the Bulletin 3.

  1. Visas

Most of countries have an agreement with Serbia which allows their citizens to visit Serbia without a visa.


Use the following link to find out whether you need to have visa:


  1. Contacts

Serbian Orienteering Federation (OSS)


Miloja Zakica 8a lok. 3,11030,PAK: 173813 Belgrade,Serbia


Telephone:+381-60-662-8564 [email protected]

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